The Atlantic offers you more than a home it provides the best of a community. Within the exclusive gated compound you’ll find:

Picnic Grounds

Grab a cooler, start a ball game and grill the perfect meal at The Atlantic’s American-styled barbecue and picnic grounds! An ideal escape for family and friends right outside your front door; complete with grills, picnic tables and fun.

Kids Playground

Slides, swings, seesaws and more! Your children will delight in the adventures of this safe and exciting playground. Never again will they complain of boredom in The Atlantic’s child-friendly community.

Commercial Center

The Atlantic will boast a charming commercial center replete with a market, cafes, a restaurant and retail shops. Conjuring the intimacy of European plazas complete with fountains and flowers, patrons can relax with a coffee and dessert or shop for everyday necessities.


The workout culture is here! Our state of the art fitness facility will offer top-notch equipment and services to help you stay healthy and in shape. No longer will you have to travel great distances to maintain an athletic lifestyle. Look your best and feel your best by exercising at The Atlantic gym.

Health Clinic

Whether a routine check-up or a more thorough examination; The Atlantic’s on-site Health Clinic will be equipped to handle your family’s basic medical needs. Highly qualified physicians and nurse practitioners will be on call to evaluate your medical concerns in a clean, safe and professional environment.


With the understanding that a solid education is of paramount importance The Atlantic will provide a nursery school, kindergarten and a primary school on site. With seasoned instructors, parents can rest assured that their children are receiving the attention and dedicated tutelage they deserve for a bright future.

Gated Community

Sleep easy knowing The Atlantic is a fully fenced and gated community with 24-hour security services. Both entrances to the property will be staffed and monitored around the clock to fully protect your investment and your family. And enjoy hassle-free and secure parking with The Atlantic’s abundant parking spaces.

Management Office

The Atlantic management office will be available to answer all resident questions. The management team will oversee the operations of the community including maintenance of the grounds, sanitation, common charges, repairs and any other matters of importance to The Atlantic homeowners.